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Help! Finding a PhanFic


I need some help finding a phanfic. I read it a few years ago and loved it. It was a Modern day setting, with the Phantom Characters in High school.
This is what I remember about the fic.

Christine was 18, just moved to town after her father's passing, and wants to learn play guitar.
Erik 17, turning 18 in a few months. In the goth crowd, plays guitar and teaches Christine. He is living in an abusive foster home, and after an incident where his face was revealed to the school (or maybe it was a different event) he goes home and overdoses on a drug, but lives, waking up to see Christine with him. After he turns 18 he and Christine start living together and she removes his mask before they make love (this happened in the last chapter).
Roaul, I believe he went by a different name, Quaterback of the football team, in love with Christine, and the mastermind behind the event which caused Erik to overdose on drugs, because he hoped Christine would see Erik as a freak and leave. The plan obviously back fires and instead Christine only ends up hating Roaul.
Carlotta, definitely went by a different, also a senior, and head Cheerleader, in love with Roaul and will do anything to be his girlfriend. She assists Roaul in his plan against Erik, knowing it will backfire on Roaul and will make Christine hate him.
Nadir, also a Goth kid, and Erik's best friend. I think he ends up with Meg at the end.
Meg, Christine's friend, may have ended up with Nadir.

If anyone knows the name of the Fanfic, please let me know. And/or if you have a copy saved on your computer, could you please email it to me at kate.woods@hotmail.ca.

Thank you :)
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