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Title: Dreams of A Masked Phantom
(Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2291291/1/)

Author: Silent Masquerade on Fanfiction.net (me!)

Genre: Romance/Humor

Source: Leroux, and the musical-based film.

Characters/Pairings involved: Erik/Katherine (my own character)

Rating: PG-13

Work in Progress: Yes

Summary: Katherine realizes her talents will flourish in the newly rebuilt Opera House. Romance will bring two unlikely people together.

Why do you like this fic?: Because it is one of my greatest works of writing.

Include a sample: All was dark.

Katherine stopped. ‘What shall I do now?’ she whispered to no one in particular. She placed the candle down by the wall.

Her ears pricked up, as did her other senses, as she could not use her eyes in such darkness.

She walked slowly forward, and stopped again. She had heard a noise at the far end of the corridor. Struggling to make as little noise as possible, she walked toward the source of the noise. It sounded as is someone was shuffling from one wall of the corridor to the other.

As she approached, the shuffling stopped. Katherine, however, didn’t.

“No matter how hard you try, I can still hear you,” said a familiar voice.

Katherine followed the voice now, and, moving farther into the corridor, bumped into something very soft.

She found herself in the arms of a very strong man. For some reason, however, she was not frightened. She felt his breath by her forehead, slow, almost silent.

Neither of them said anything. Katherine pulled away slowly, and tried to identify the man.

Since she could not see, she chose to user her hands. She moved one hand to his, and felt that it was rough, as if it had worked many years. Her hands moved to his chest, which had been where she had bumped into him earlier. She felt his heartbeat slow and steady, and moved her hands farther up, slowly coming to his face.

She felt both sides of his face, covered and not. Slowly, she moved her hand to feel the Ghost’s cheek, up to his eye, and forehead. Her hand stopped slowly on the porcelain, and, for a minute, she was afraid of what to do next. She even felt the Ghost tremble slightly.

The Ghost was, unlike Katherine, frozen. He was surprised, and in a very deep shock. No one had ever touched him like this. It stirred a feeling within him that he could not recognize. His heart burned and ached under the innocent touch of her hand. His breath quickened as she moved to the masked side of his face, but he did not stop her. Something inside of him desperately wanted to push her away and forbid her from removing it, but he simply stood, silent, quiet, and only slightly terrified.

She stopped on the porcelain mask, and felt its shape. The porcelain was as smooth as the stained glass window in the Chapel. Slowly and carefully, Katherine removed it, and handed it to the Phantom, who dropped it softly on the ground. Carefully, her fingers moved and caressed the poor skin, which had obviously not seen the light of day often enough to heal – Katherine felt that it could, if it was allowed to. She placed a thumb on his closed eyelid and slowly lowered her hands.

The Ghost was not at all a ghost, but a man, and just a man. Katherine placed her head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat, which was much quicker than before.

Suddenly, the Ghost found that he was able to move. Slowly, he raised his hands to the woman’s head and let her hair dance through his fingers. It was soft, slightly curled, and not very long, but it was beautiful, nonetheless. He could tell, even in the dark.

Trembling, the Ghost placed a finger under her chin and raised it to him, but he found he could not see her face. He raised his hands, and softly searched, running his hands over her eyes, felt her cheeks burn under his touch. His fingers ran across her lips, and, almost instinctively, he raised her head with one hand, and lead his own lips to hers.

Katherine stiffened at first, surprised and frozen just as the Ghost had been moments before. But slowly, as his hand moved to her neck protectively, she let the fear melt from her, and kissed the Man back. She felt as if she had known him for very long, and had just returned to her long lost love. She couldn’t understand the feelings the kiss had erupted within her. But, just for the moment, she did not care.

The kiss was innocent, careful, and yet passionate. As the Ghost’s hands moved Katherine closer to him, her own went to his neck. For some reason, both found that even in the darkness, they felt safe in each other’s arms.

As Katherine hugged him tightly, she felt that his cheek was wet. He wept silently, and she comforted him. She did not, after all, understand it just as he did. He ran his fingers through her hair and held her hand.

“This does not compensate for the fact you cannot dance,” he whispered jokingly.

“Oh no?” Katherine laughed, and then asked, “So, who are you?”

He squeezed her hand, and replied, “My name is Erik.”

Additional Comments: I love all Phantom fics. One of my very favorite favorites is called "Phantom Companions," also on fanfiction.net
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