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Charles Dance-ish fic

Title: Denouement
Author: Clever Lass
Genre: Romance, Drama
Source: Charles Dance version of Yeston/Kopit's "Phantom"
Characters/Pairings involved: Erik & Christine pairing, Gerard Carriere, Phillipe (Raoul), Carlotta
Rating: PG
Work in Progress: No
Summary: An alternate version of the movie starting from the point where Erik shows his face to Christine. From the author's notes: "This story picks up with her waking, and she behaves the way I wish she had in the movie. Warning: it's fluffy. Very, very fluffy. If you prefer angst, well... stop reading in the middle, then."
Why do you like this fic? As one of the few Dance-Phantom fics out there it deserved a mention. Asside from that, it's a well written fic. It can be sugary at times, but not without plot. And there are sprinkles of angst to tame the sweetness.
Include a sample: Sorry, no sample this time. Just read the story. ;)
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