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Long Lost Fic, One of My All Time Favourites

Hey all,
Really, really hopping you can help me!

I'm looking for one of my favorite fics that I haven't read in a while, I thought I had saved it, but apparently not! Anyway...
Story is an AU, Christine is forced into an arranged marriage, with Erik, by her father, her mother is dead I think. Erik is an architect that is/has created some "special" chambers for the palace, I think there were mirrors involved in one of the main torture rooms. Anyway, after Erik marries Christine, she makes him promise to me safe; Erik, knowing that, as soon as his contract is up, that he will be "disposed of". And so his mission then becomes getting himself and his family out of the country.

Little Things I Remember:
- Christine's favourite food is cheeseburgers
- Erik is being spied on, and his office gets bugged
- Christine is given a kitten by, I think, Erik's employer
- Erik gifts Christine with an intricate jewelry box, full of secret compartments
- It isn't long before Christine comes to love him
- Erik knew Christine before they were married, in fact, he paid for her schooling, and specific lessons such as music and language

I am positive that the fic I'm looking for is not Caged Bird by:DonJuanTriumphs, unless they re-edited. The story I'm looking for, while being a drama, had some fairly lighthearted and romantic moments, and I would truly love to find this fic again.

Does it sound familiar?
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