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Looking for (probably) old phanfic [25 Jun 2016|10:11pm]

It was Erik with an Original Character. A ballerina that was a bit more mature (but not old), I think he was watching her dancing by herself in the middle of the night a few times. Later in the fic he had the Opera House put on the ballet Giselle and he cast her as Giselle's mother. It was a very long story. Rated for mature, lots of sexy stuff I think. I'd love to find it and read it again.
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[01 Apr 2012|08:50am]

Hey everyone, I'm new here and I'm looking for a fic that I read around 2005 and remember it was really good.

It was E/OC. The OC was a costuming assistant as I recall. I also remember a scene where they're in a tunnel under the opera and they have to make out in order to hide Erik.

This fic was on an independent website, and I remember the author got really far in the story, then took the whole thing down and said she didn't like where it was going and was going to rewrite it. Shortly after I stopped reading fics, so I'd like to know if she ever rewrote it, because I remember it was really well written.

If you can help, thank you!
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Help! Finding a PhanFic [09 Mar 2012|11:52am]


I need some help finding a phanfic. I read it a few years ago and loved it. It was a Modern day setting, with the Phantom Characters in High school.
This is what I remember about the fic.

Christine was 18, just moved to town after her father's passing, and wants to learn play guitar.
Erik 17, turning 18 in a few months. In the goth crowd, plays guitar and teaches Christine. He is living in an abusive foster home, and after an incident where his face was revealed to the school (or maybe it was a different event) he goes home and overdoses on a drug, but lives, waking up to see Christine with him. After he turns 18 he and Christine start living together and she removes his mask before they make love (this happened in the last chapter).
Roaul, I believe he went by a different name, Quaterback of the football team, in love with Christine, and the mastermind behind the event which caused Erik to overdose on drugs, because he hoped Christine would see Erik as a freak and leave. The plan obviously back fires and instead Christine only ends up hating Roaul.
Carlotta, definitely went by a different, also a senior, and head Cheerleader, in love with Roaul and will do anything to be his girlfriend. She assists Roaul in his plan against Erik, knowing it will backfire on Roaul and will make Christine hate him.
Nadir, also a Goth kid, and Erik's best friend. I think he ends up with Meg at the end.
Meg, Christine's friend, may have ended up with Nadir.

If anyone knows the name of the Fanfic, please let me know. And/or if you have a copy saved on your computer, could you please email it to me at kate.woods@hotmail.ca.

Thank you :)
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Search for Fanfic [19 Aug 2011|06:55pm]

Hi, looking for a fanfic.  I'm not sure if it's Erik/Christine or Erik/Original, though I'm leaning towards Erik/Original.  All I remember is the woman he is with becomes pregnant and leaves him, I believe due to a misunderstanding of some sort.  I remember he goes to find her and I think at one point he looks into the house she is staying and sees her obviously pregnant.  She is also upset all the time and is staying with family or a friend.  She cries all the time and is extremely emotional.  I thought it was "Time the Avenger" by Leesainthesky, but I don't think so.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
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Aria... [17 May 2011|02:48pm]
Can someone tell me what happened to Aria the Phantom of the Opera fanfic archive?  I have the link, but it's either broken or doesn't exist anymore!
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Help! [09 May 2011|04:40pm]


Some years ago I read a story named "Echoes in a Whisper", by Wandering Child at Fanfiction.net. I tried to find it again, but it seems it was deleted. Does anyone have this story saved in their computer? It was beautiful and I really wanted to have it saved in mine.
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I'm surprised that this hasn't been posted already... [23 Sep 2010|01:48am]

[ mood | excited ]

Hello fellow phans! :D I am new to this community and still quite new to PotO as well. I fell in love with the Phantom musical last year when I saw John Cudia and Trista Moldovan in the US tour for my birthday. This fandom has seriously helped me get back into fan fiction. I have managed to find some real gems in the my short search. I am here to share one of them with you today!

Title: When All is Lost
Author: Quiet2885
Genre: Mystery/Romance
Source: primarily Kay/Leroux
Characters/Pairings involved: Erik, Christine, Raoul, Nadir/The Persian, some OCs, and many other canon characters in minor roles. It starts out as R/C then changes to E/C later.
Rating: M
Work in Progress: No
Summary: Copied from FF.net, she says "Modern. Will a deformed man's desire for revenge destroy the future of a young couple? Or were all three fated to begin this dark journey and face the evils of the past? A story of the struggle between hatred and love, vengeance and redemption. COMPLETE."
Why do you like this fic? This is the longest fanfic I have ever read BY FAR, but it is totally worth it. The beginning may seem a little slow, but this story soon develops into something wonderful. I swear that I went through every emotion possible while reading, because you can really care about the characters here beyond the fact that they bear the names we all know. You can honestly hope that they will get their happy ending. There is romance here, but it does not take away from the quality of the plot.This author uses the basic elements of the original story and she buiilds on them to make something unique with this compelling AU. It may veer too far from the standard plot for some, but it offers a nice alternate take on the setting and lives of the characters for anyone interested. This phic is my definition of epic! ♥ My favorite of all the phics I’ve found so far. I hope you all will enjoy it, too.

Include a sample: The ChaseCollapse )
Additional Comments: There is a sequel comprised of a series of vignettes called "Amongst the Living." It differs from the first storyor, but it's great for anyone who wants to know the fate of the characters after the action of the main story has ended.

I can't wait to see more great recs in the future and I hope to post more of my own! :3 I have a few in mind already and even more waiting on my to-read list.

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Long Lost Fic, One of My All Time Favourites [15 Apr 2010|12:21am]

[ mood | worried ]

Hey all,
Really, really hopping you can help me!

I'm looking for one of my favorite fics that I haven't read in a while, I thought I had saved it, but apparently not! Anyway...
Story is an AU, Christine is forced into an arranged marriage, with Erik, by her father, her mother is dead I think. Erik is an architect that is/has created some "special" chambers for the palace, I think there were mirrors involved in one of the main torture rooms. Anyway, after Erik marries Christine, she makes him promise to me safe; Erik, knowing that, as soon as his contract is up, that he will be "disposed of". And so his mission then becomes getting himself and his family out of the country.

Little Things I Remember:
- Christine's favourite food is cheeseburgers
- Erik is being spied on, and his office gets bugged
- Christine is given a kitten by, I think, Erik's employer
- Erik gifts Christine with an intricate jewelry box, full of secret compartments
- It isn't long before Christine comes to love him
- Erik knew Christine before they were married, in fact, he paid for her schooling, and specific lessons such as music and language

I am positive that the fic I'm looking for is not Caged Bird by:DonJuanTriumphs, unless they re-edited. The story I'm looking for, while being a drama, had some fairly lighthearted and romantic moments, and I would truly love to find this fic again.

Does it sound familiar?

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re: looking for phanfic.... [27 Jun 2009|05:13am]

i'm searching for some stories i found long ago by searching for "phantom of the opera fanfic nc-17"......it was a website with, i think, black background and red text.....the author had written between 10 and 20 stories, all of them E/C.....usually they involved Christine turning against Raoul and siding with the Phantom against him with glee.....there was always lots of sex, of course.....

if anyone could help me, i'd be very grateful!!
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[18 Feb 2008|01:21am]

Hey everyone! I'm brand-new to this community and have a couple of recs for you all. I should say that I've loved Phantom ever since I first saw it back in the early 90s (and subsequently read the novel, which I also loved) and that every year for a few weeks I go on a Phanfic binge. Recently, though, I finished Kay's Phantom, I'm positively reeling, and needless to say I'm back in Phantom mode in full swing. :D (Have I said that Susan Kay is amazing? 'Cause she is.)

This isn't a specific recommendation, but an author named Heather Sullivan wrote great Phantom fiction. This site is old - from the late '90s - but thankfully still working. I especially recommend Acts of Contrition, which is an especially realistic Erik/Christine story. Her drabbles are also great.

Another nonspecific recommendation: an author named Riene writes reeeeaaally good phiction. Her story The Red Rose, which is sweet without being ignorant and which is just really damn good, is recommended below, but her general site is a treasure trove of great phiction. http://home.earthlink.net/~riene/Welcome%20to%20Riene.htm She also recommends other phiction on a links page. Some of the links don't work (they're old geocities/earthlink sites), but some do, and she has great taste :)

I have a question... I've only recently gotten back into Phantom fic, and after lots of searching I haven't been able to find a site that houses a lot of Phantom fic in the same place other than, of course, fanfiction.net. Am I missing anything? Please point me in the right direction if there are any archive-type Phiction sites I'm missing! Thanks!! Happy reading. :)
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Charles Dance-ish fic [13 Jan 2008|12:20pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

Title: Denouement
Author: Clever Lass
Genre: Romance, Drama
Source: Charles Dance version of Yeston/Kopit's "Phantom"
Characters/Pairings involved: Erik & Christine pairing, Gerard Carriere, Phillipe (Raoul), Carlotta
Rating: PG
Work in Progress: No
Summary: An alternate version of the movie starting from the point where Erik shows his face to Christine. From the author's notes: "This story picks up with her waking, and she behaves the way I wish she had in the movie. Warning: it's fluffy. Very, very fluffy. If you prefer angst, well... stop reading in the middle, then."
Why do you like this fic? As one of the few Dance-Phantom fics out there it deserved a mention. Asside from that, it's a well written fic. It can be sugary at times, but not without plot. And there are sprinkles of angst to tame the sweetness.
Include a sample: Sorry, no sample this time. Just read the story. ;)

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Paper Faces [11 Jan 2008|06:13pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Title: Paper Faces
Author: websandwhiskers
Genre: Romance/Angst
Characters/Pairings involved: Christine & Erik, Meg & Raoul
Rating: M
Work in Progress: Yes.
Summary: “This is an AU, diverging from canon at the scene on the roof. How might the story have gone if Christine was just a little more self aware?”

Why do you like this fic?
A very well-written, sweet piece. The author works with the movie and does so beautifully. The interactions between characters is especially pleasing. A great little read.

"I went to the chapel,” Christine said; somewhere behind her Madame Giry’s footsteps were retreating. “Every day. I – I wanted to see you again. I missed you. You didn’t answer.”

“I was -” he tried to look around her; she stepped to the side, keeping herself in front of him, between him and all those cruel faces and pointing hands. His eyes settled back on her face. “My apologies,” he said finally, “I lost track of the time.”

“I can see that,” she responded carefully.

“You weren’t meant to!” he wailed, squeezing his eyes shut and bringing his hands up to his face. “I meant only to give you music – beauty -”

“You are a talented artist,” she offered. “Though I’m afraid I do not care for your subjects.”

He gave a strangled laugh that was half a sob.

“Madame Giry is right, you should sit,” she suggested.

“Leave the rags and the wash-water,” he said from behind his hands, still standing. “Go, find the library as she said, or go explore whatever you wish, what is mine is yours, but just go, and let me compose myself. You needn’t see this.”

“You’re wrong,” Christine said softly. Erik’s hands lowered from his face; his stare was incredulous and abruptly wary. “I did need to see this,” she went on, though his tense, watchful stillness frightened her. She remembered his mercurial change of temper up on the roof, and was very aware of how close they now stood.

“Why?” he demanded, in the dark tone Christine remembered as prelude to his last angry outburst. “Why should you need to see this?” His voice rose and he gestured in disgust at himself and the room around him, his movement sharp and violent. It was an effort of extreme will to stay where she was, when every trembling muscle in her body spurred her to flight. “So that you might bury your last shred of hope?” he suggested bitterly, taking half a step towards her. “To kill the last remnant of affection you might have felt for your angel?” He loomed over her, charcoal-streaked, wild-eyed and mad. Christine heard other footsteps re-entering the room and then stopping abruptly, some distance away, but Erik seemed to be aware only of her.

“Forget your angel, foolish child,” he sneered, and Christine flinched and closed her eyes at the cruelty of his tone. The hundreds of taunting, tormenting faces behind her flashed through her mind. Of course he can be cruel, she told herself sternly. He has had so very many teachers. “Your angel is dead,” he spat, “and this is his hell. You’d best flee while you can.”

She opened her eyes, making herself meet his gaze. “No,” she said simply, though she shook.

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[10 Jan 2008|01:16pm]

[ mood | confused ]

 has there been any new updates yet?? i havent seen many yet??

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[03 Dec 2006|10:55am]

So, I was looking through my ff.net favorite stories list and thought I might post a couple (If you just want to check out my favorites list, my penname is magestar)

Title: The Redemption of Angels
Author: The-Owlet
Genre: she says Romance
Source: 2004 movie
Characters/Pairings involved: E/C, Erik, Christine, Raoul (a little), the Giry's, bunch of minor originals
Work in Progress: no
Summary: from ff.net: "Nothing ever happens as you plan it, and sometimes what the heart wants is surprising." Immediatly post movie.
Why do you like this fic? The phantom and other people. Mattieu. Jean-Jacques. The sea. Meg and hair ribbons. This is probably my number one or number two favorite fic out there (and I've read a LOT).
Include a sample:

Additional Comments: Normally I like dark, I mean really dark, modern day AUs. This couldn't be any more different, but I still love it so much.
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[20 Sep 2006|07:49am]

[ mood | mellow ]

Newbie here! :D
I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for some Charles Dance-ish PotO fic. I know there are about 5 of them on ff.net, but are there any more, elsewhere?

Much appreciated!

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[17 Aug 2006|11:03am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Title: Dreams of A Masked Phantom
(Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2291291/1/)

Author: Silent Masquerade on Fanfiction.net (me!)

Genre: Romance/Humor

Source: Leroux, and the musical-based film.

Characters/Pairings involved: Erik/Katherine (my own character)

Rating: PG-13

Work in Progress: Yes

Summary: Katherine realizes her talents will flourish in the newly rebuilt Opera House. Romance will bring two unlikely people together.

Why do you like this fic?: Because it is one of my greatest works of writing.

Include a sample: Excerpt from Chapter SevenCollapse )

Additional Comments: I love all Phantom fics. One of my very favorite favorites is called "Phantom Companions," also on fanfiction.net

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[28 Jul 2006|03:39pm]

hey everyone, i just joined! nice to see you all! *waves* 

i was wondering, do any of you know of good and complete Erik/Slavegirl phictions? i found one and i am utterly IN LOVE with this one! but, it was short and had me pratically on my knees for more... if you'd like to know the URL, please tell me.

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New community [18 Dec 2005|01:30am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I've just opened the Phantom of the Opera fanfiction challenge community, potoinspiration :D Feel free to join!

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In Need of Assistance [14 Sep 2005|05:42pm]

Guys- can you help me find a fic? It's a phluff one-shot, based on ALW stage.It;s Valentine's Day, and Erik takes Christine out to dinner or something. It's just a cute little thing that I wanted to read again....so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Il Mio Amore Scuro [12 Sep 2005|04:26pm]

Title: Il Mio Amore Scuro
Author: WritetotheDeath
Genre: Romance/Drama
Source: Leroux? Not sure.
Characters/Pairings involved: Erik/Christine. (Little bit RCish moments) [Meg, Mr. Daee, Richard, Erik, Christine, Charlotte]
Rating: M
Work in Progress: Yes.
Summary: The story takes place at a boarding school in England.
"When a mysterious stranger intrudes on Christine's life, she finds herself thrown into a mad world of hidden desires and dark emotions."

Why do you like this fic?
The story is dark. The way Erik is portrayed proves that he is murderous.
Additional Comments: If you liked The Innocent by The Grasshopper, then you should also like this fic. ;)

Sample: You haven't forgotten about me, have you?Collapse )
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