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So, I was looking through my favorite stories list and thought I might post a couple (If you just want to check out my favorites list, my penname is magestar)

Title: The Redemption of Angels
Author: The-Owlet
Genre: she says Romance
Source: 2004 movie
Characters/Pairings involved: E/C, Erik, Christine, Raoul (a little), the Giry's, bunch of minor originals
Work in Progress: no
Summary: from "Nothing ever happens as you plan it, and sometimes what the heart wants is surprising." Immediatly post movie.
Why do you like this fic? The phantom and other people. Mattieu. Jean-Jacques. The sea. Meg and hair ribbons. This is probably my number one or number two favorite fic out there (and I've read a LOT).
Include a sample:

Erik is at a train station

He bought a croissant and a coffee and lounged on a bench. The coffee was terrible, but still he savored its soft aroma and warmth. So lost was he in his thoughts that for a moment he didn’t notice the tiny form standing in front of him. He looked down into a pair of eyes as blue as his own, in a solemn face topped by blonde hair that must be the despair of his parents, sticking up like that. Erik had almost no experience of children—he had the vague idea that they were extremely breakable, but this was coupled with the memory of their laughing at him when he too was small. He stared back.

The boy seemed completely unconcerned to be standing alone in front of a tall man in a cloak and mask. He glared at Erik with his brows pulled together, for several long moments.

“Why you got a mask?” he asked finally, in a voice like a piccolo.

This was a question that had gotten men killed, had burned down the opera house. Of course, one could not attack tiny children on a train platform. Thankfully, his mouth answered for him, before he could think too much.

“I had an accident when I was very young.” This sounded plausible enough. Those pale brows drew even closer together.

“It hurt you?”

He was not exactly sure what timeframe was meant by this.

“It does not hurt now.”

Strangely, he didn’t mind this child staring at him—it was a stare without judgment. Such an odd creature; he didn’t move at all when a young woman ran to him and took his arm.

“Michel, you wicked thing! I told you not to run off.” She looked at Erik, and her expression faltered just a bit. “I’m so sorry if he was bothering you, Monsieur.”

“Not at all, I assure you.”

The boy looked up at her at last. She was a very pretty girl.

“I asking ‘bout his mask.”

She gasped. “Michel, you didn’t!”

“He got accident.”

The woman picked the boy up and turned to him.

“Monsieur, I’m so sorry. Really, he’s too young to know better, he meant no offense.”

Erik stood, and her eyes widened further at his height.

“Please, Madame, do not worry. He was merely curious.”

“It okay, Maman,” the boy said. “He say it not hurt.”

Erik had to grin.

“Indeed. So you see, it is quite all right.”

The woman’s smile was very uncertain, but she allowed him to shake hands with his new friend. Such tiny fingers, folded inside his own.

Additional Comments: Normally I like dark, I mean really dark, modern day AUs. This couldn't be any more different, but I still love it so much.
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